Tech Deck: Dust, the Silent Equipment Eater

Jun 10, 2014 | Equipment Maintenance Tips

Welcome to Tech Deck, an equipment maintenance column by Tony Lemma, Bell’s service manager. His mission? To help you maximize the life of your slit lamps, perimeters and most trusted devices.

This $25 Investment Could Save You Big

Dust. It’s bad for your sinuses, and even worse for your ophthalmic equipment. That’s why we recommend vinyl or cloth covers to protect your investments for just a few bucks.

We routinely service phoropters and slit lamps exposed to dust for years. Over time, dust can work its way into the cracks of your instruments and cause them to creak and break down. On the imaging side, it scratches lenses and ruins picture quality.

If you don’t have them already, invest in dust covers and curb long-term damage and downtime costs. Purchase from our e-store, and we’ll ship them directly to your practice.

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