Online Shopping with Bell without the Food Court

Sep 24, 2014 | Uncategorized

The new website features all the goodies you’d expect from your local ophthalmic superstore.

Our new online presence contains nearly 200 products from heavy duty equipment like chairs and stands to replacement bulbs and chinrest tissues for slit lamps. You’ll find the same outstanding brands we’ve always offered, but now you can buy them in your pajamas.

Like what you see? Use the social media sharing buttons next to all the products, and help spread the word about Bell products you love.

Some things won’t change. We’re still committed to personal service, talking to customers in person or on the phone, and taking care of ophthalmic equipment emergencies. But we hope you’ll find the new, secure Bell website a convenience when you remember you need a new handheld in the middle of the night.

So after you’ve thoroughly read every word of “Bells and Whistles,” please take a few moments to poke around our new site. We’d love to hear your feedback. Glitches and glory are both welcome.