Marketing to Millennials, the Digital Eye Strain Generation

Aug 24, 2015 | Practice Management

Millennials might not be your practice’s primary focus, but a new study on digital eye strain suggests it’s time to shift your marketing efforts toward the 19-35 crowd.

According to a Vision Council study, 68 percent of millennials suffer from digital eye strain symptoms, including eye strain, headache, blurred vision and dry eyes.

Even more surprising, nearly four in 10 spend at least 9 hours a day on a smartphone, tablet or computer, or watching TV.

Here’s how to get them into your practice for an exam:

  • Mobile screenings on their turf. Consider partnering with a hip grocery store (Whole Foods) or farmer’s market, and offer basic exams to raise awareness for your practice, and digital eye strain.
  • Use social media. They’re glued to their smartphones. Sign up and be active on Facebook and Twitter to connect with them. Social media is a great medium to share news about digital eye strain, and encourage people to get their eyes checked.
  • Broadcast radio ads. Millennials might love their streaming services, but an estimated 65 million of them still listen to radio in the car. And about 90 percent do so at least once in a week. Even a 15-second spot on local station could help them tune into their eye care.
  • Offer solutions. Special lens finishes and coatings can help curb the effects of digital eye strain. Programs like SmartBreak force users to take regular computer breaks and gave their eyes a rest.