New or Pre-owned?

May 1, 2016 | Uncategorized

We are asked this question every day. Many of our customers search the Internet and ebay for equipment listed in “mint” condition at many dollars les than the cost of new. But is it worth the risk?

Before you make that used equipment purchase, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How does it compare with the latest technology? Am I buying an obsolete instrument?
  2. Is the physical condition and appearance of the equipment consistent with the image I want to convey to my patients?
  3. Considering tax advantages (Section 179), does the purchase make good financial sense?
  4. Does the purchase of a used instrument truly add productivity to my practice? Is it dependable?
  5. What is the guarantee? Only new equipment provides a factory warranty that is honored by a local, authorized distributor.
  6. What about service? If I need service, who do I call? Will he show up?

Good used equipment is sometimes available. We take items in trade and have some available from time to time. However, we won’t sell equipment that has the potential to tarnish our image. We thoroughly service and upgrade used equipment to make sure our customers get great equipment at a fair price.

A good example is in our current inventory. Meridian Microruptor 5 YAG lasers are complete with Haag-Streit optics and wheelchair accessible tables. We have updated these with fresh laser cavities and the latest electronic controls. Call for more details about these lasers or any other equipment needs you might have.