Get state-of-the-art myopia management & patient education for your practice.

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Get state-of-the-art myopia management & patient education for your practice.

Introduce and expand your myopia management capabilities with the Lenstar 900 and EyeSuite Myopia. State-of-the-art data management
and easy to understand graphics provide the perfect combination for patient consultation and education.


EyeSuite Myopia is a compact, customizable, easy-to-use yet comprehensive myopia management software platform based on the latest
findings of myopia research into refractive progression trends, axial length growth and environmental factors. All progression trends can be adapted for regional
peculiarities and supplemented with new control rates as they become available.

By determining refraction and its development in childhood, predictions can be made about the progression of
myopia until adult age. EyeSuite Myopia also offers you the option of importing previously collected data from refraction measurement devices for use in the suite.

Aside from precise axial length measurements, the Lenstar 900 contributes other indispensable myopia management information such as
keratometry, thus placing a wide range of data at your disposal for making accurate predictions from the myopia’s onset and
forecast progression.

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