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Keeler has been manufacturing fine ophthalmic instruments since 1917. They continue to be a market leader with their innovative products, most notably their indirect ophthalmoscopes, including the Vantage Plus and All Pupil II models.
Keeler still manufactures and assembles their instruments in the UK. Their headquarters for the US is located in Malvern, PA.
Along with Accutome, Volk and Visiometrics, Keeler is now part of the group, Halma PLC.


New convertible technology found on the Vantage Plus offers the practitioner a choice between a neutral 4,000K LED for longer life, better contrast, and whiter light or a 3,800K traditional Xenon bulb.
The Keeler intelligent optical system adjusts optics automatically for the best stereo views through all pupil sizes.
The instrument is lightweight, comfortable and perfectly balanced. PD range is 48 – 76 mm.
The wireless model comes standard with a docking station battery charger and spare slimline battery.

“You, our customers, have the medical experience.
We have the technical know-how. Together, the ultimate objective for all of us is to provide excellent, reliable service for the welfare of your patients.”