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With a history of over 150 years, Reichert Inc., of Buffalo, NY, continues to be a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality diagnostic instruments and equipment for ophthalmologists, optometrists and retail eye care centers. Inventors of the Lensometer, Phoroptor and Non-Contact Tonometer, Reichert carries on its proud tradition by providing ground-breaking products, including the highly acclaimed Tono-Pen Avia, Ocular Response Analyzer, the Phoroptor VRx and the ClearChart Digital Acuity Tester.

NEW! Truly Objective
Tonometry with Tono-Vera®


Introducing the all-new Reichert® Tono-Vera®, an innovative and thoughtfully designed handheld tonometer featuring the advanced, patented ActiView™ Positioning System, which quickly guides you to the apex of the cornea and automatically measures when aligned. Tono-Vera provides more objective and repeatable results, giving you confidence in your IOP readings, all in a refined rebound tonometer experience.

Tono-Vera utilizes gentle rebound tonometry technology, eliminating the need for topical anesthetic. Designed with the eye care professional in mind, the innovativeTono-Vera System includes a base that efficiently stores and dispenses Ocu-Dot® Tonometer Probes.

TO $1,250


For a limited introductory period, purchase the all-new Reichert® Tono-Vera® Tonometer and receive a $500 instant rebate PLUS a $750 trade-in rebate when you trade in any tonometer, for a total savings of $1,250!

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For over 90 years, the Phoroptor name has been synonymous with the world’s finest refracting instrument. Phoroptor VRx continues with the same legendary engineering, quality, craftsmanship and reliability – now with the speed and efficiency of a digital refraction.
Phoroptor VRx seamlessly connects via Bluetooth technology to Reichert lensmeters, auto refractors and acuity systems, such as the Clear Chart family of digital acuity systems, along with a comprehensive list of non-Reichert compatible devices.
Phoroptor VRx can integrate with an extensive list of EMR systems, removing the risk of transcription error and increasing patient throughput. Phoroptor VRx can take advantage of an EMR system’s capability of bi-directional communication, allowing you to import and export refraction data.

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We have the technical know-how. Together, the ultimate objective for all of us is to provide excellent, reliable service for the welfare of your patients.”