A Word from Chuck: The Tools to See More Patients

Jun 10, 2014 | Ophthalmic Devices and Equipment

It’s 2014, and long gone are reimbursement’s golden days. Nowadays, practice growth depends on seeing more patients.

That’s why we recommend a perfect blend of accurate instruments. Ones that work together, speed up exams, cut out manual data entry, keep your patients comfortable, and help you delegate to your technicians.

Autorefractors: The new 5-in-1 Topcon KR-800S auto keratometer/refractor features several new tests, including a visual acuity (VA) check for near and far, contrast sensitivity testing, grid testing and glare testing. Now your tech can confirm objective and subjective VA under glare conditions before cataract surgery. View our entire autorefractor line.

Autolensmeters: Reichert’s accurate AL500 Auto Lensmeter prints data on the spot. A bright, full-color LCD display provides a glare-free view. Small footprint saves space.

Non-Contact Tonometers: Devices like the Canon TX-20 and Topcon CT-80 capture IOP with the touch of a button and print out objective data instantly. Plus, there’s no danger of cross contamination, and no anesthesia involved. NCTs have been around for years. They can save time with every patient, and the results are extremely accurate. Visit Bell’s tonometer e-store to see our whole line.

Computerized Phoroptors: The Reichert Auto Phoroptor RS integrates with most autolensmeters and autorerfactors, and your network. Its quick and quiet operation won’t jolt patients, or scare them off.

Visual Field Testing with Short Test Strategies: Haag-Streit’s new Octopus 600 combines early diagnosis and standard white-on-white perimetry in one device. Full threshold in less than three minutes. Requires minimal user training for quick return on investment.

Why Aren’t Reimbursements King Anymore?

Based on yearly trends, reimbursements for individual tests will continue to plummet. Insurance companies (Medicaid, Medicare) won’t pay for the same test twice. And reimbursements for each patient will likely be capped.

That’s why Bell won’t sell you an instrument based solely on reimbursements. By seeing more patients through a highly efficient suite of instruments, you’ll see more patients, grow your practice, make more money, and worry less about insurance company controls.

Let’s talk growth strategies, or how to get your practice up to speed with our world-class line of products. Call Chuck Bell at 1-800-255-5929, or send him an email.