The world’s top manufacturers,
locally carried and serviced since 1962. 

Bell, the ophthalmic equipment repair experts. You depend on your slit lamps to present the smallest possible detail. And your workhorse phoropter to crank out thousands of prescriptions every year.

But just like your car, most instruments in your practice require routine maintenance or service to keep your practice running efficiently. That’s where Bell comes in.

Ophthalmic equipment repair is a specialized field, requiring a specific knowledge of the technical components used in eye care. It requires an understanding of how to diagnose and repair ophthalmic instruments, as well as the ability to troubleshoot any issues that arise. Ophthalmic equipment repair & servicing is our specialty.

Our technicians are familiar with the many different types of ophthalmic equipment. Contact us today for all of your ophthalmic equipment repair & servicing needs. 

Why Bell?

We’re proud to represent these major ophthalmic brands.
Bell’s factory-trained technicians: the right tools for the job.

Ask service manager Tony Lemma, and he’ll show you how to put a slit lamp back together with his eyes closed. We obsess over the details. Because they keep downtime at your practice to a minimum, and your instruments running like new. Call us today for all of your ophthalmic equipment repair & servicing needs. 

Ophthalmic equipment repair performed on a chair
Ophthalmic equipment repair performed on a slit lamp

We’re local,
and always will be.

Our experienced staff can respond quickly to customers in New Jersey,
Maryland, Delaware and eastern Pennsylvania. While the technology may evolve, our commitment to the region will always stay the same.

Bell covers service after the sale,
including factory warranties.

You just invested in a brand new autorefractor. The last thing you want to think about is whether a company thousands of miles away can provide timely service.

When you buy from Bell, we service the instrument during the warranty period and provide support for months and years after. Our commitment to customer service is forever and our expertise in ophthalmic equipment repair & servicing is second to none. 

Ophthalmic equipment repair parts organized on shelves


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