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Since 1990, M&S Technologies has been committed to bringing high-quality, highly accurate computerized vision testing products to eye care professionals everywhere through innovative software development, local manufacturing and stellar customer service.
The Smart System® computerized vision testing systems bring accuracy, science and ease-of-use that is truly unmatched. The tests, algorithms and protocols have been peer-reviewed and tested by key professionals and scientists in the industry, and the technology is certified and calibrated to the ANSI and ISO specifications for vision testing.
M&S offers a variety of products to meet all of your visual acuity testing needs.


Important features include LEA® SYMBOLS and LEA® NUMBERS, Amblyopic Treatment Study clinical trial approvals, child-friendly video clips, Auto-DVD Play and many others.
The Smart System Tablet allows the user to quickly and easily control each and every feature on the PC-Plus. The display presents the same information that is on the monitor, allowing the user to maintain their attention on the child rather than turning around to see what is being displayed on the monitor. This unit is fully customizable, wireless and highly reliable.
The PC-Plus comes with several short, colorful animations for fixation. Or choose from eight different commercially-licensed fixation videos. The animations are 1-2 minutes long and each video is between 25-35 minutes long.


“You, our customers, have the medical experience.
We have the technical know-how. Together, the ultimate objective for all of us is to provide excellent, reliable service for the welfare of your patients.”