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Meridian is the Swiss manufacturer of ophthalmic laser systems. Their program includes systems for retinal photocoagulation, YAG lasers, delivery devices, protection filters and consumables, including laser probes. Manufacturing facilities are located in Thun, Switzerland.




Get the Award-Winning, Reliable & Precise Merilas 532

Green Laser Photocoagulator for Retina and Glaucoma Treatments

Merilas 532a key features


The detachable touch display with glass technology ensures flexibility and cleanliness for your practice. Your team will welcome the compact design, fast start up and easy-to-use interface with its intuitive design. The unique thermal-electrical cooling system eliminates disturbing noises and air turbulence. The elimination of air vents makes for a dust free laser cavity. A sturdy carrying case is provided for safe transportation and storage.


The Merilas panel and software employs intuitive commands and is easy to use.
The BM/BQ slit lamp adaptor is specifically designed for the Haag-Streit slit lamps. The laser integration with the existing illumination path of the slit lamp is particularly effective in the treatment of the peripheral parts of the eye.
An extended range of slit lamp adaptor systems is compatible with other HS type slit lamps and Zeiss slit lamps.
Additionally, the Merilas 532 can be used with both the laser indirect ophthalmoscope and endoprobes.


Only the best Swiss and European laser components are selected to ensure the highest level of quality and long-term reliability. The systems are developed and produced in the heart of Switzerland.
Tested and reliable best practices in engineering and integration makes for the high level of performance in each of the laser systems.
A two-year factory warranty is standard, and an extended warranty of an additional year is offered at no charge.

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Slit Lamp Adapter

The Meridian BM/BQ Slit Lamp Adaptor links directly into the illumination path of the slit lamp. There are no additional obstacles between the slit lamp front lens and the patient eye. Laser treatments in the peripheral parts of the eye are enhanced. A unique protection filter is provided. A seamless, large treatment range is possible: 50µm to 5000µm.


Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope

The Keeler Vantage Plus Wireless is the optimal indirect ophthalmoscope used with the Merilas 532. The wireless battery pack with wall charger is included. The laser delivery is coaxial to the users viewing axis. Spot size is 1100µm.

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