Meridian is the Swiss manufacturer of ophthalmic laser systems. Their program includes systems for retinal photocoagulation, YAG lasers, delivery devices, protection filters and consumables, including laser probes. Manufacturing facilities are located in Thun, Switzerland.

Get the Award-Winning, Reliable & Precise Merilas 532

Green Laser Photocoagulator for Retina and Glaucoma Treatments


Our range of slit lamp delivery systems are compatible with a wide range of Haag-Streit and Zeiss slit lamps.
They can be used with both laser indirect ophthalmoscope and endoprobes.


The detachable touch display with glass technology ensures flexibility and cleanliness for your practice. Your team will welcome the compact design, fast start up and easy-to-use interface with its intuitive design. The unique thermal-electrical cooling system eliminates disturbing noises and air turbulence.


The Merilas 532 is cooled by a unique thermal electrical cooling system. No ventilation slots are required. This ensures that no dust can penetrate the interior of the laser. The laser head is made of high-grade aluminum for a sturdy, solid construction.

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