Founded more than 160 years ago, Haag-Streit has grown into a respected international medical technology group. A tradition of Swiss precision manufacturing and a drive for innovation creates a climate of confidence in Haag-Streit instruments and Haag-Streit diagnostics. Whether it is a Lenstar Biometer, Octopus Perimeter or 900 Slit Lamp, you can expect faultless and efficient operation leading to assured diagnosis. The Haag-Streit ophthalmic instruments consist of modular systems which can be updated at any time to conform with the latest state-of-the-art requirements. The equipment is of classic design, robust and of lasting value.

Haag-Streit Slit Lamps

In 1959, Haag-Streit launched the BM900 slit lamp. The BM900 was a dramatic improvement in slit lamp design, usage and functionality. Today, over 60 years later, there are over 100,000 BM900 slit lamps in daily use – including many from the original year of manufacture. Based on the knowledge and experience gained from this large user base, other slit lamps have been introduced by Haag-Streit diagnostics over the years and these show the same high performance and, equally as important, the durability and longevity of their famous predecessor.

Haag-Streit slit lamps are now standard with LED illumination, and most are available with digital imaging modules and data management software. Current production includes:

  • BI900 – Superior examination, contact lens fitting and imaging capability
  • BM900 – The enduring classic slit lamp
  • BP900 – Progressive functionality and imaging capability
  • BQ900 – Top-of-the-line slit lamp with optional attachments for maximum versatility
  • BX900 – Superior technology for the professional photographer


EYESUITE – Easy integration in your practice workflow

The EyeSuite software has been designed for optimum patient flow in busy practices. It steers all Haag-Streit devices and allows them to be networked with other Haag-Streit devices, your office computer and your EMR system without the need for any pricey third-party software.

EyeSuite platform
Biometry Results on Screen

INTUITIVE & ERGONOMIC OPERATION – Efficient image editing

EyeSuite is a sophisticated slit lamp imaging software. Easy image capture, efficient image editing and a well-structured patient management system makes the software a perfect team player for daily practice. EyeSuite works as a standalone software or integrated into an EMR network.

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