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Heine Logo

HEINE remains an independent, family owned company. Since the start they have continually invested in their own manufacturing capabilities to attain a high level of vertical integration. This allows them to control the manufacturing process at virtually every step – from the first idea to the finished diagnostic instrument. HEINE continues to work closely with eye care professionals from around the world to ensure that the instruments produced are not only of the highest quality, but also offer the most reliable and accurate diagnosis.

HEINE OMEGA 500 LED Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope

Lightweight and compact, the HEINE Omega 500 LED ophthalmoscope allows wireless mobility without cable connections.
The Omega 500 features unique “Synchronized Adjustment of Convergence and Parallax” for high quality, stereoscopic fundus images through any pupil size.
Excellent optical performance is assured due to the multi-coated illumination system. Exact vertical alignment of the illumination with the observation path further miminizes reflections.
Due to the mounting of the optics on an aluminum frame, the OMEGA 500 is solid, long lasting, and is guaranteed to be dustproof.


“You, our customers, have the medical experience.
We have the technical know-how. Together, the ultimate objective for all of us is to provide excellent, reliable service for the welfare of your patients.”