Accurate Instruments Make Productive Practices

Jan 23, 2015 | Ophthalmic Devices and Equipment, Practice Management

By Chuck Bell, President of Bell Ophthalmic

Wondering how accurate devices can make your practice more productive? Last month I visited a nearby practice, which doesn’t have an autorefractor. The resident optician complained about the staggering number of prescription re-dos he does.

In this case, an autorefractor would nearly eliminate costly re-dos. The latest autorefractors, which are extremely accurate, provide dead-on objective measurements in combination with an on-board keratometer function.

Here are some more examples of devices that can help boost your practice’s efficiency:

Visual Acuity Devices Calibrated to the Inch
Do your visual acuity testing results vary from room to room? The Smart System 20/20 from M&S Technologies can be calibrated to the inch. Optotypes and background illumination are calibrated to ANSI and ISO specifications for vision testing. Accuracy and consistency become the norm.

Perimeters That Won’t Torture Your Patients
Remember taking 30 minutes to do a visual field, only to be forced to do it again because of fixation loss? The latest Octopus perimeters provide full threshold in less than three minutes per eye with no fixation loss. Results are consistent, and the patient leaves without holding a grudge, or a strained neck.

New Slit Lamps: More Than Meets the Eye
When you compare the slit lamps in your practice to newer models, you might think not much has changed. Think again. Improvements in glass manufacturing techniques and lens coating technologies have vastly improved the optical performance of slit lamps. Resolution is extremely sharp.

Even in the digital era, we at Bell still believe the best way to attract new patients, and keep existing ones, is by word of mouth. Satisfied patients tell their friends and co-workers. Investing in accurate instruments pays dividends.

If you’d like to demo any of these instruments or others, call us at 800.255.5929 or drop us a line. We’d be happy to bring them out to your practice for you and your team to try.