4 Doctor-Friendly Apps to Put in Your Pocket

Mar 30, 2015 | Uncategorized

Remember the horde of business cards you collected at AAO last year? You stuffed them in every crevice of your luggage, and prayed to the airplane gods that you wouldn’t have to pay extra baggage fees.

Never again. With the Camcard app, you can snap a picture with your smartphone, and watch the text and numbers automatically populate into a neatly organized file.

It’s one of three mobile apps (available for iOS or Android) aimed at helping eye doctors boost productivity, as featured by Review of Optometry. Here are the rest:

Access your EHR system from anywhere with Citrix XenMobile. The app allow you to view and edit patient records using a wireless or cellular connection. Need a secure line? With the company’s HIPAA-compliant WorxMail, you can discuss a patient with a colleague or attach images.

Tap to end the language barrier. It can be frustrating trying to communicate with colleagues, new clients or patients who speak very little English. SpeechTrans, available via mobile or desktop, provides instant translation for 40 languages. And while not as accurate as a translator, it’s far more cost effective.

Stumped on a complicated case? Consult the Eye Handbook. It’s an app that features an eye atlas with ocular pathology images, a comprehensive symptoms list, a guide to medications and vision tests, and more references.

What are your favorite eye-related apps? No Candy Crush! Drop us a line, and we might feature it.