The Case for Digital Imaging in a Snap

Mar 30, 2015 | Equipment Maintenance Tips

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A Word from Chuck is a column by Chuck Bell, President of Bell Ophthalmic

Picture this scenario. You’ve just diagnosed a patient with an iris cyst or corneal ulcer. She doesn’t understand, and angrily questions the news. “Are you sure?”

Instead of looking around for your plastic model of the eye, you point to a high-quality slit lamp image on your monitor to diffuse the situation. And explain the importance of early diagnosis It’s a scenario only made possible with a slit lamp imaging.

While slit lamps with camera attachments have been around for years, the latest models are designed for easy capture of anterior images. Upgrades are available for Haag-Streit’s BQ 900, BD 900 and BP 900 models, Topcon’s SL-D series and Marco’s “G” line.

Here’s the case for a digital camera system for your slit lamp in six quick points:

  1. Consult on tough cases. Share images with colleagues for second opinions.
  2. Teaching tool. Help new doctors (or technicians) learn slit lamp microscopy.
  3. Explain a diagnosis. Help patients and family members better understand external eye diseases.
  4. Document rare pathology cases that could help support future studies or clinical trials.
  5. Interface images with your EHR software.
  6. Stay ahead of tech trends. Impress patients, and keep them from bolting for the flashy doctor down the street.

Call or email us for more information, or schedule a free demo at your practice. We’ll bring the imaging to you! 800-255-5929.


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NEW: Haag-Streit’s EyeSuite Imaging

Add slit-lamp imaging functionality to your Octopus or LENSTAR software. With EyeSuite Imaging, you can add slit lamp images to EyeSuite patient files and view them on any computer in your exam room. And, it integrates with EMR. Contact us. You may qualify for a free upgrade.