4 Events to Fire Up Your Summer Marketing

Jun 19, 2015 | Uncategorized

Looking for an eventful way to create a buzz about your practice and draw in new patients this summer? We have the answers.

  • Summer means plenty of sun and backyard grill outs. Pair these favorites with new eyewear and your patients are good to go. Partner with a frame shop and offer good eats and discounted sunglasses and frames. It’ll give the shop exposure and bring in business for you.
  • Recently revamp your office with all new Bell Ophthalmic gear? Great! Turn that into an open house and serve hors’ d’oeuvres for your guests. Encourage them to check out your comfy new Reliance chairs, or give the new Topcon CV-5000S Automatic Vision Tester a whirl.
  • As it gets closer to back to school time, put together a family-fun event tailored to younger patients. Invite them to your office for some backyard games like kickball and cornhole. Sponsor free exams while they’re there. Offer their parents coupons towards a local school supply retailer for every referral they give.
  • Use an event for employee recognition. Like your tech who just passed 30,000 IOP measurements and celebrated her 20-year anniversary at your practice. Contact a local radio station to recruit a local band to put on a concert. Invite patients and locals to come to the concert in honor of your employee. Put up some old fashioned flyers at the grocery. This not only gives the local band exposure, but it creates a great night out for your patients and city folk.

Give them a try! These ideas are sure to make your office more than a routine visit and give patients something to look forward to.