Does Your Distributor Pass the Hard Hat Test?

Jun 19, 2015 | Uncategorized

A Word from Chuck is a column by Chuck Bell, President of Bell Ophthalmic

We wear many hats at Bell Ophthalmic. Phillies caps on the weekends. But during the week, it’s not uncommon to don a hard hat for our customers.

Last month my team and I wrapped up construction on a series of satellite offices for Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia.

No, we didn’t hang dry wall or install laminate floors. Instead, we worked closely with contractors and architects on layout, electrical, wiring and critical back-end details that ensure a practice launches on time.

Wired for service

Electrical layout might not sound like much. It’s just wires, right? But in my experience, when a grand opening gets delayed by two or three weeks, sometimes it’s because of a wiring or electrical snafu.

Pre-construction consultation assures that lighting is controlled correctly, that doors are located in the right place, and that data ports are located in the place where they are needed.

When Bell becomes involved in the planning and construction phases, we help practices avoid major mistakes that can cost thousands of dollars, and sometimes require tearing down the walls and ceilings to fix.

Duplicate orders. Not once.

Another benefit to partnering with Bell from the start? We prevent purchasing mistakes that often stem from working with multiple national vendors. The most common? Duplicate orders.

I recently visited a practice that had two slit lamps delivered and three tonometers. Whether the purchasing department or distributor made the error, finger pointing aside, the mishap cost the doctor $2,000.

The bottom line? Work with a distributor who’s in your neighborhood and can meet with the contractor tomorrow at 8 a.m. And better yet, make sure he or she isn’t afraid of a little sawdust or drywall spatter to ensure your practice launch goes exactly as planned.

Give us a call. We’re standing by with our hard hats. 1-800-255-5929.