Contact Lenses Snap Pictures and Fight Infection

Jul 28, 2015 | Uncategorized

Technology continues to transform the way we see the world. Literally. Take a look at three of the newest contact lens innovations of the future.

Google smart lenses

Google is at it again. This time with smart lenses plucked straight from a sci-fi flick. They’re still three years from release, but the lenses could collect data about the health of one’s eye, and send the information to a smartphone app. For diabetic patients, they could even measure glucose levels. For the adventurers, the lenses may function like Google Glass with a camera implant.

Infection-fighting lenses

There are approximately 140 million contact lens wearers in the world. A new lens in the process of development could minimize risks of infections associated with contacts. The function of the lens comes from an antimicrobial film coating. While it still needs plenty of fine-tuning, studies show promise.

Nighttime short-sighted correcting lenses

Children who suffer from myopia have a new option for treatment – a contact lens can slow or prevent shortsightedness. By wearing the soft contact lenses at night, the lenses reshape the still growing adolescent eye. The lens gradually reshapes the way the eye grows, preventing the child from ever needing glasses. The practice is called Orthokeratology and has proved successful in clinical trials involving 300 children.