Don’t Let Mangled Instruments Maul Moving Day

Aug 24, 2015 | Uncategorized

The big day is finally here. You’re moving into a new office with marble tiles, vaulted ceilings, twice the exam lanes, and, most importantly, a Starbucks right around the corner.

Congratulations. But who’s moving your ophthalmic equipment? Hopefully, not the same grizzly crew hauling the desks and office chairs.

Bell offers relocation services to help ensure a smooth move, and that none of your critical instruments get damaged or lost in translation. Slit lamps knocked out of alignment. Fundus cameras full of dust and dirt. Bent instrument stands. We’ve seen it all.

We’ll carefully dissemble, pack and move your equipment to your new pad. From positioning the exam chair and stand to mounting and calibrating the projector, we’ll get you up and running without any snags.

Your ophthalmic equipment costs more than some mortgages. Let the moving crew handle the furnishings. Let Bell Ophthalmic protect and move your equipment investment.