The Happy Story Behind Bell’s Failed Expansion

Aug 24, 2015 | Bell News, Uncategorized

Back in the 1980s, we wanted to grow Bell, and expanding geographically made the most sense. We opened an office in Pittsburgh and deployed a sales agent in Syracuse. If need be, I’d drive 10 hours to sell a perimeter.

All while trying to keep up with the customers in our neighborhood – you.

It didn’t work out the way we planned. The core of our business has always been personal, local service. A fundamental belief that timeliness matters most to doctors. And when we’re hundreds of miles away and can’t respond ASAP to a flooding practice or an equipment emergency, we’re not delivering on that promise.

Expand product lines. Not coverage area.

So we shut down our geographic expansion, and instead focused on diversifying our product lines. While some reps only stock one or two manufacturers, we believe in mixing things up.

The best solution for your practice’s size, team and budget might be a combination of a Canon autorefractor, Reichert auto phoroptor and Topcon slit lamp. We’re loyal to world-class technology, not just equipment makers.

On top of growing our lines, we’ve beefed up our facility and vans with top-notch tools and technology to turn around equipment repairs faster and more efficiently. And, recently grown our web presence with the new (and now award-winning)

And best of all, all of this is happening within a 120-mile radius of our HQ. Right where we can deliver the personal and timely service you’ve always known us for.

Now, the only expansion we’re concerned with is yours. Give us a call, and let’s talk about growing your practice with the perfect mix of ophthalmic equipment. 1-800-255-5929.