Reward Your Work Family without Shelling Out Big Bucks

Dec 22, 2015 | Practice Management, Uncategorized

Small businesses who care about their employees want to find ways to reward them for hard work and the success of the business. Cash is always preferred, right? Well, not necessarily.

There are things that some employees, especially millennials, value just as much.

One simple example is letting someone know they did a good job. Make sure you’re specific about it when you tell them. “Patty Barnes told me yesterday that you always make her feel welcome when she comes here.” You can follow up with a gift card for a restaurant or a movie theater.

Extra vacation days, or time off, isn’t free, but it’s very meaningful to employees, especially the younger employees who value their people time after work. And it’s not going to squeeze your bottom line like a 5-10% pay raise.

A happy office culture is not only fun. It helps retain employees. So have a pizza party once a month. We all have to eat, right? Try a picnic or an after hours event that everyone in the family can attend.

Family. In the end, that’s what it’s all about.