Why the 24/7 Workplace is Killing your Productivity

Feb 9, 2016 | Uncategorized

With a brand new year, you’re probably planning your annual family vacation to Disney World for much needed R&R. But while you were on the beach last year, did you fall into the trap of checking work email?

More than 61 percent of American workers admit to doing so, and it’s turning us into burnouts. So as you leave for this year’s trip, say bon voyage to the phone and laptop on your desk. Remember these reasons why you must unplug:

It’s bad enough that most only take half their vacation days. But when you fire off a few emails or check up on a sales prospect, you may as well be at the office. So instead of coming back refreshed and ready to take on new projects, you’ll feel overwhelmed, cranky, and nowhere near maximum productivity.

Give your team a break. They deserve it. But more importantly, they learn from you. If you send an email during Sunday’s football game, they’ll feel compelled to plug in during the weekends. Or do the same while they’re with their families on vacation. They don’t want to be considered slackers when you work your tail off 24/7. But when you unplug, they will, too, and that’s best for everyone.

Time off leads to huge productivity gains.
Those who take real time off reap the rewards at work. A study found that employees who didn’t work during vacation reported an 82% increase in job performance.

We know it’s easy to fall into the trap of working 24/7 and just checking your inbox one last time. But do us a favor. Unplug, and end the vicious cycle. Work can wait for a few days.