Merilas Ophthalmic Lasers Maximize Your Workflow

May 27, 2016 | Ophthalmic Devices and Equipment

Merilas ophthalmic laserThe versatile Merilas 532 green laser photocoagulator integrates with Haag-Streit slit lamps, indirect ophthalmoscopes and endoprobes for greater efficiency, reliability, and ease of use in retinal procedures.

Perfect for in-office procedures

A contender for the Swiss Design prize for ergonomic design, the compact unit is perfect for small offices. The easy-to-operate detachable user interface offers a touch screen and can be placed up to one- meter away from the unit. It won’t disturb the peace either. The thermo-electric cooling system operates silently without the distracting clatter of a cooling fan.

The slit lamp adapter for the Haag-Streit BQ and BM slit lamps links the illumination path of the slit lamp and patient’s eye without any additional obstacles. A universal adapter is available for other Haag-Streit style slit lamps like Topcon and Marco.

Meridian lasers are reliable and perform well for many years. We take items in trade and have some Meridian lasers in our current inventory. We thoroughly service and upgrade used equipment to make sure our customers get great equipment at a fair price. The Meridian Microruptor 5 YAG lasers in stock now are complete with Haag-Streit optics and wheelchair accessible tables. We have updated these with fresh laser cavities and the latest electronic controls. Call for more details about these lasers or any other equipment needs you might have.

Swiss designed and manufactured

Meridian’s history with lasers started in 1982 when Professor Fankhauser introduced the first Nd:YAG laser at the University of Berne Eye Clinic in 1982. Since then Meridian has designed and manufactured medical lasers for several practice specialties.

Trained technicians at Bell can install and maintain your lasers for continued maximum performance. Call 800-255-5929 or email us today.