Simulator Increases Empathy for Patients

May 27, 2016 | Uncategorized

Sometimes it is difficult for patients to accurately describe their vision problems. How many patient conversations begin with “If you could see what I see…”

Now, new Internet-vision loss simulators will increase your empathy and bring about deeper understanding of a patient’s condition.

NEI, the National Eye Institute, offers an easy-to-use simulator to demonstrate AMD, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, myopia and retinitis pigmentosa. The site includes an audio explanation of the disease as well as videos and patient information sheets on each condition.

From our neighbors to the north, check out the vision loss simulator produced by CNIB, the Canadian vision organization.

This is an easy to use application that demonstrates the initial loss as well as the progressive vision loss associated with several eye conditions.

While these aren’t diagnostic tools, they may enhance patient communication and the patient’s ability to understand the disease and share that information with loved ones.