Do You Use These Top Medical Apps?

Apr 28, 2018 | Ophthalmic Devices and Equipment

Smartphones have turned us into cyborgs. We’re rarely without those ubiquitous little devices more than an arm’s length away. And just like patients are downloading health tracking and fitness apps to up their mHealth game, tech-savvy doctors are adopting mobile health apps in their practices as well.

Here are a few of the most popular apps for docs:

Case is a medical journal app with a recommendation engine powered by a machine-learning algorithm. Easily read medical journal articles on your phone in whatever spare moments you can grab. Plus you can subscribe to a specialty or set of journals.

Epocrates lets doctors look up drug information and interactions, located other providers for consults and referrals.

Doximity is a social network for doctors that let you find and communicate with other doctors, send HIPAA-secure faxes through your phone, follow news and trends in your specialty, and browse jobs and compare salaries.

Medscape is a medical reference tool that features a disease reference tool, allows you look up drug information and is updated with medical news so you stay current with the latest developments.

Figure 1 lets you view and share medical images with other physicians. Users can send, comment on, and search through medical images the app’s database. If you’re looking for feedback on a rare condition, or just want to learn about rare or textbook cases, this is a great addition to your mobile device. Plus the app guarantees patient privacy with automatic face blocking and removal of personal identifying information.