Get the Keeler LIO & Meridian Merilas 532a

Jul 3, 2023 | Uncategorized

A Powerful Combination for LIO Photocoagulation

Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope & the Meridian Merilas 532a

The Keeler Intelligent Optical System adjusts optics automatically for the best stereo views through all pupil sizes. The robust Merilas 532a green laser photocoagulator offers reliable and precise performance in a compact size. Together they provide an effective method for treating clinically indicated retina problems, iridotomy, and trabeculoplasty.

Treatment The Keeler Vantage Plus provides a lightweight, balanced and comfortable indirect ophthalmoscope for the delivery of the laser. In addition to the LIO, the Merilas 532 is available with a variety of slit lamp adapters, safety filters and endoprobes. We can also supply a variety of Ocular and Volk lenses.


– Compatible with the Meridian Merilas 532a Green Laser

– Platform is a modified wireless Keeler LED Vantage Plus

– Coaxial laser delivery

– Built-in safety filters

– Spot size 1100 microns

– Easily transported

– Also compatible with the Zeiss 532 laser

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