New Topcon Biometer Speeds Into Your Practice

Sep 23, 2015 | Equipment Maintenance Tips

A Word from Chuck is a column by Chuck Bell, President of Bell Ophthalmic

When I evaluate whether a product is a good match for Bell, the voices of my doctors – you – play in my head. “I wish my biometer processed data a little faster.” “My techs love the results but hate the interface.”

I hear you. And that’s why I’m excited to represent Topcon’s new speedy and all-in-one Aladdin optical biometer.

Aladdin combines axial length, corneal topography, pupilometry, corneal diameter and anterior length in one single instrument. This makes it the go-to device for conventional IOL power calculation, but also for choosing the right premium IOLs for each individual patient.

Here’s more on the new device:

Speed. Point and shoot. It takes all necessary measurements in less than five seconds.

Accuracy. It may be new to the market, but early adopters have already reported that Aladdin’s superior Placido disc-topography system results in extremely accurate refractive measurements. This all adds up to better outcomes for you and your patients.

Ease of use. It takes three clicks to prepare and print an IOL report with the precise determination of IOL spherical power. Your techs will also appreciate the 10.1-inch color touchscreen monitor with its wide-angle view.

Combine Aladdin with the Topcon KR-800S Auto Refractor/Keratometer with Glare Testing for the ultimate cataract workstation.

Best of all, unlike other optical biometers on the market, Aladdin is supported by your local distributor. (Hint: That’s us.) So when you invest in one, we’ll never ask you to save the box, or ship it to Jakarta for service.

Schedule a demo and try Aladdin today. We’ll swing by and teach your team all the wonders it can do for your practice. 1-800-255-5929.