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Meridian is the Swiss manufacturer of ophthalmic laser systems. Their program includes systems for retinal photocoagulation, YAG lasers, delivery devices, protection filters and consumables, including laser probes. Manufacturing facilities are located in Thun, Switzerland.




MERILAS 532SP and 577SP




Get the Award-Winning, Reliable & Precise Merilas 532a

Green Laser Photocoagulator for Retina and Glaucoma Treatments

Merilas 532a key features


Our portfolio of slit lamp delivery systems is compatible with a wide range of Haag-Streit type and Zeiss slit lamps.
The Merilas group can be coupled with both the laser indirect ophthalmoscope (LIO) and Laser endoprobes.


The detachable touch display with glass technology ensures flexibility and cleanliness for your practice. Your team will welcome the compact design, fast start-up and easy-to-use interface with its intuitive design. The unique thermal-electrical cooling system eliminates disturbing noises and air turbulence.


The Merilas 532a is cooled by a unique thermal electrical cooling system. No ventilation slots are required. This ensures that no dust can penetrate the interior of the laser. The laser head is made of high-grade aluminum for a sturdy, solid construction.

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MERILAS 532SP and 577SP

Powerful systems for treating retinal disorders

The Merilas 532SP green and the 577SP yellow photocoagulators feature Meridian’s shortpulse technology, which allows tissue to cool between laser pulses. This minimizes or prevents tissue damage, reducing treatment risks and improving patient comfort and safety as no tissue damage or scars occur.


The Merilas 532SP and 577SP shortpulse laser photocoagulators feature dual treatment modalities – subthreshold with microsecond pulses or the continuous wave delivery mode.

Merilas 532SP and 577SP key features

The Merilas 532SP and 577SP are best suited for performing retinal photocoagulation procedures, iridotomy and laser trabeculoplasty due to the following features:

  • High transmission through dense ocular media
  • Repeatable macular and foveal laser sessions (Merilas 577SP shortpulse only)
  • Success with refractory and sub-clinical edema
  • Consistent laser lesions for fast procedure time
  • Low treatment power means increased patient comfort
  • In shortpulse mode tissue sparing treatment – absolutely no scarring

The effects of short-pulse

Shortpulse is typically used to administer subvisible threshold laser treatments to macular and perimacular targets. The terms ‘subvisible’, ‘subvisible threshold’ or ‘subthreshold’ refer to the fact that the desired endpoint is such that the treated tissue shows no ophthalmoscopically observable laser effects. Studies of 532SP and 577SP have confirmed that subvisible laser treatment is clinically effective, without inducing tissue damage.

Why choose yellow (577SP)?

Considered as the optimal wavelength for retinal treatments, the 577SP wavelength also combines the following advantages:

  • Excellent combined absorption by both melanin and oxyhemoglobin (peak absorption of oxyhemoglobin)
  • Very little absorption of macula xananthopylis pigments
  • Excellent penetration through cataracts and hazy media


New laser therapy for advanced & end-stage glaucoma

The Merilas 810SP shortpulse ophthalmic diode laser photocoagulator features dual treatment modality: subthreshold with microsecond pulses or the continuous wave delivery mode.

Offering Transscleral Cyclophotocoagulation (TSCPC), the Merilas 810SP shortpulse system from Meridian has been shown to safely reduce intraocular pressure in patients where previous medications and treatment were not effective.

Merilas 810SP key features

One laser: Two clinical applications (Glaucoma & Retina treatments)

Meridian’s Merilas 810SP shortpulse laser provides glaucoma and retina treatments and offers new laser therapy for advanced and end-stage glaucoma. The laser boasts outstanding usability and features a rapid start-up time. The detachable touch-screen display features an easy-to-use, intuitive design, ensuring full flexibility for the user.

Superior quality & longevity

The Merilas 810SP’s unique thermal-electrical cooling system ensures quiet operation. It requires no ventilation slots, which ensures that no dust can penetrate the interior of the laser. A robust device, the housing of the laser head is made of a high-grade aluminum, meaning the laser can be moved with confidence.

Clinical indication

810SP wavelength is ideal for ablation treatments.


  • General retinal applications (endoprobes/LIO)
  • Treatment for retinopathy of the premature (ROP)
  • Tumor ablation


  • Transscleral cyclophotocoagulation

The principle of shortpulse®

The shortpulse mode consists of many alternating short bursts and intervals by the laser. In contrast to the continuous wave (CW) mode, the tissue being treated needs less heat, offering a more gentle approach.


Slit Lamp Adapter

The Meridian BM/BQ Slit Lamp Adaptor links directly into the illumination path of the slit lamp. There are no additional obstacles between the slit lamp front lens and the patient eye. Laser treatments in the peripheral parts of the eye are enhanced. A unique protection filter is provided. A seamless, large treatment range is possible: 50µm to 5000µm.


Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope

The Keeler Vantage Plus Wireless is the optimal indirect ophthalmoscope used with the Merilas laser photocoagulators. The wireless battery pack with wall charger is included. The laser delivery is coaxial to the users viewing axis. Spot size is 1100µm.

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